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Since 1969, DeWeyl Tool has provided some of the best and most reliable wedge bonding tools in the industry. Our customer list is extensive – from well known research universities to high volume manufacturers overseas. No matter if you are looking for 1 tool or 50,000 per year, give us a call or email us. While we have an extensive listing of tools and combinations on our web site, we also provide custom configurations to meet all of your bonding needs.




Many customers have discovered that gold wedge bonding at room temperature is dramatically enhanced by utilization of the ceramic wedge.


The Ceramic wedge tool is primarily designed for ultrasonic bonding of gold wire. However, many customers have reported tremendous tool life while bonding aluminum wire with very little aluminum build up on the bond flat. To reap the rewards of using our Ceramic tool you will need to follow a few recommendations. Use .5 to 2 percent wire elongation. You can also use 1 to 3 percent elongation with good results. If you use 3 to 5 percent elongation, results will be over-bonding because the wire is too soft. Next use very low channel settings to start with as well as low heat since our ceramic material has excellent coupling features and produces a very efficient bonding scrub. Then increase your power and heat if needed until you obtain the desired results. If you are bonding to thick film you probably will require a Cross Groove style tip to obtain more scrubbing action.


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In a recent survey, we collected input from Customers, Equipment Manufacturers and DeWeyl Reps. Following is some of the feedback we received:

  • "Even though I only needed at most a half dozen wedge tools, the customer support treated me as though I had ordered a thousand or more; I felt I mattered to them."
  • "You had what we needed and we received our product in a timely manner."
  • "Customer Service always made our quote and ordering process very quick and easy."
  • "We once compared the bonding characteristics of DeWeyl ceramic with (competitor) ceramic; DeWeyl ceramic performed better. "
  • "Very good tool for Au and deep access applications."
  • "The best in your industry!"
  • "The R&D Director is quite happy with the wedge tool (as) he is having a problem with others."
  • "Easy to do custom orders."
  • "We are extremely happy with the tools."
  • "We use the A8D option and we are extremely pleased with the tool."


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