Double flat RIBBON Bonding Wedges

DeWeyl Tool offers the following bonding tool solutions for Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic machines. A minimum of three material choices are available: Tungsten carbide, Titanium, and ceramic. We highly recommend Ceramic and cross groove designs for best results.


vertical feed wedge options

Manual & Semi-Automatic | Automatic

The tools shown in this gallery are basic configurations. Please contact us for your custom tool needs. Rollover image thumbnails for a larger view. Click on the PDF links to view catalog pages.

Manual & Semi-Automatic

RCSH tool


(136 KB) PDF

RKSH tool


(146 KB) PDF


Manual & Semi-Automatic Large View





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RKNH tool


(136 KB) PDF

RNH tool


(136 KB) PDF


Automatic Large View





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