About DeWeyl Tool


DeWeyl Tool provides the finest quality bonding wedges in the world. Located in Petaluma, CA (Northern California) in the Sonoma / Napa wine region, our primary business is manufacturing wirebond wedges, die pickup tools, and custom high precision tooling for the semiconductor, aerospace, and medical industries. The wedges we produce are made from ceramic, titanium, and tungsten carbide, and are used in bonding aluminum, gold, copper, and platinum wires.


DeWeyl Tool is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tool supplier to the major bonding equipment manufacturers including ASM, Cho-Onpa, F&K Delvotec, F&S Bondtec, Hesse Mechatronics, Hybond, K&S, Mech El, Shinkawa, TPT and West-Bond. We support material and design program with Universities, OEM’s and end users to optimize the tool for maximum performance and quality.

DeWeyl Tool is certified to ISO 9001:2015, the global standard for quality. In addition DeWeyl is qualified in many automotive, medical and other device manufacturers providing a consistent quality product to meet the stringent requirements.


DeWeyl Tool is dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and technical support with your valuable inputs. By working closely with our customers, we combine our talents to solve your demanding wirebonding requirements.


DeWeyl Tool was started in 1969 by Richard Cline, and is still owned by the Cline family. We were the first to produce a ceramic wedge, and today we still have the longest lasting ceramic material on the market. Many of our wedges see a bonding life in excess of 600,000 bonds!

Every wirebond and die placement application requires careful attention to many different variables. At DeWeyl Tool, we have 54+ years of experience in applying our knowledge to your difficult applications, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns involving your specific application.

URS Certified OrganizationCelebrating DeWeyl's 45th Anniversary 1969-2014